Quit Smoking

Man breaking cigarette

Becoming a non-smoker with hypnotherapy and mindfulness usually takes less than 2 hours.

Regardless of the length of time that you have smoked, hypnotherapy and mindfulness can help you stop and look forward to a healthier life.

As well as helping you break the habits of smoking, you will learn various techniques to help you stay a non-smoker.

I will support you in making it as easy as possible as long as you are fully committed to stopping.

There are many physical and mental benefits to becoming a healthy non-smoker:

  • Within 8 hours carbon monoxide levels in your blood are greatly reduced and oxygen levels in your blood return to normal.
  • Within 24 hours, carbon monoxide levels in the blood begin returning to normal and your lungs start to clear out the residue of tar.
  • Within 48 hours, your taste buds and sense of smell improve.
  • Within 72 hours your breathing gets easier and energy increases.
  • Within 12 weeks your circulation improves making it easier to walk and run.
  • Long term mental health benefits are numerous. Breaking habits and taking back control can boost your self-esteem and confidence. Beating the addiction can empower you to create new positive thoughts, behaviours and feelings to lead a more healthy life. The new skills that you have learnt will empower you to break other bad habits and create new neural pathways.

I look forward to working with you soon to help you enjoy a life free from smoking.

Your 2 hour appointment includes hand outs, MP3s and meditation cards. You will be more than ready to enjoy your new smoke free life!

Your investment is £195 so call Ceinwen today on 07842 129412 or email: ceinwen@hypnotherapy4solihull.co.uk.