Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy. It utilises the power of positive suggestion to bring about subconscious changes to our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
Hypnosis is a natural state of mind and is an important part of everyday life. When our mind wanders or when we are concentrating, we are in a state of hypnosis. The more relaxed we are, the easier it is to learn new skills which is why hypnotherapy can be a faster way to make positive and lifelong changes.
Anxiety is the most common issue which can manifest itself in hundreds of other mental health issues as well as physical conditions. Habit breaking, stress and many more issues can be treated with hypnotherapy. I offer a free and confidential chat before booking an appointment so you can ask as many questions as you would like.
We get to know each other, you can ask as many questions as you like and you can give me an outline of the issues and conditions that you would like help with. We end the session with some relaxing hypnosis which can be emailed to you as an MP3.
I work Monday - Saturday on a flexible basis from 5am.
Some people might say it is because of the training I have undertaken, or because I have worked with children and adults since leaving university in 1994. Others say (as I do) that it is because I have experienced hypnotherapy and find self hypnosis to be highly beneficial.
I have a music degree and write bespoke piano music for my clients. I will be releasing an album of my piano music in 2017. I am also a qualified NLP practitioner so can help you with business and personal coaching.
You are safeguarded because I am fully insured and a member of the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy and the Psychologists Protection Society and I abide by their strict code of ethics.
Following an initial discussion with you, I will talk to you about the most beneficial ways to help you and give you an idea on how many sessions you will require.
My emails are secure and no one else has access to them. My voicemails are secure and my phone has finger print security. I am the only person to access your messages so your privacy and confidentiality is assured.
The answer is no. It has been around for hundreds of years and has been recognised and approved by the British Medical Association. You cannot get stuck in hypnosis and you would simply just open your eyes feeling absolutely fine when you do self hypnosis at home.
No. If you asked me to make unethical suggestions, I would be unable to work with you. Stage hypnosis is very different from clinical hypnosis. Nothing silly will happen and you will not leave your appointment feeling confused.
No. You can move around, talk and open your eyes at any time.
I work mostly from Maple Leaf Counselling Rooms in Hockley Heath, not far from Shirley and Cheswick Green. There is ample free parking and it is a lovely quiet location where we often see horses in the fields behind us. I also work occasionally from people's homes.
Yes I have. I tried a few before I found the hypnotherapist that understood me and showed a great depth of empathy. I learnt a lot from him and that is why I became a hypnotherapist.
Life doesn't always go as planned and that there may be times when you cannot make it to your appointment. I ask for at least 24 hours notice and cancellations need to be made by telephone. I am very easy to talk to. You can call or email at any time so you should always feel comfortable to turn up to your appointments.
The first session lasts around one hour and further sessions are usually around 50 minutes. Smoking Cessation sessions last around 2 hours. The number of sessions you require depend on your requirements and we will discuss this in your first appointment so you have a rough idea.